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Air Conditioning

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We have installed cooling systems for many years and specialize in repairing and maintaining air conditioning systems.


Air Conditioning  | Universal Heating and Cooling Inc. : Milwaukee, WI

If there is just one place where you need to be as comfortable as humanly possible, your own home should be the place for that.


Boiler  | Universal Heating and Cooling Inc. : Milwaukee, WI

Having a boiler in your home provides an efficient means of using propane, wood, coal and natural gas to heat a water tank.

Everybody needs air conditioning

It’s important to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, even if you do not live in Milwaukee. Having us at Universal Heating And Cooling, work on your home is a very important part of your comfort being inside your own home. As HVAC contractors, we install and maintain residential heat and cooling systems. Selecting us is selecting a local expert capable of keeping you comfortable all year around.

Picking a reliable contractor should be simple, which is why we make it easy for you. We are dependable and will ask you several questions to evaluate your situation and figure out what service you truly need from us. We examine the system in question and provide you with a solution that is necessary and practical. Sometimes this is as simple as having a unit that is not the right size, in which case we can recommend one that is the best size. You will save money with the right sized equipment, and we aim to help you save money.